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Takara Tomy

Holga K200NM Fisheye 35mm Film Reusable Camera

Holga K200NM Fisheye 35mm Film Reusable Camera

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Hong Kong brand 🇭🇰!

The reason why this camera is attractive is that it has a simple structure. The four corners of the lens will be darker, giving the photo a framed feeling. This vignetting effect is called the Tunnel Effect, which provides blurred edges or even loss of light. The artistic beauty of imperfections and the infinite creative possibilities📷

The reason why Holga was so popular back then was because you didn’t necessarily expect that your photos would be clicked. Every time, you were full of expectations and it was unexpected. Moreover, you could click on the photos you wanted, and you had complete control over them.

✨Tripod socket

✨Built-in flash with color filter

✨Multiple exposures

The k200NM fisheye comes standard with a standard lens with a vignetting filter and a detachable fisheye lens.

✨Can be used with shutter release cable and tripod for long exposure

Shutter: 1/100s (N) / B shutter

Aperture: f/8 

Focus: Fixed focal length

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