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Escura Snaps 35 Half 35mm Crayon shin-chan Half-frame Camera

Escura Snaps 35 Half 35mm Crayon shin-chan Half-frame Camera

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Using the snaps 35 Half half-frame film camera, you can experience endless shots and be able to take photos that last forever. In an era when film prices are skyrocketing, snaps 35 Half can bring you double the shooting pleasure.
Specific aperture and shutter are easy to operate. Just focus on the composition, turn the film knob, and then press the shutter.
The built-in flash can be used for shooting under indoor lighting conditions. The flash is powered by a AAA battery. When shooting without a flash, no battery is needed.

Optical lens: 31mm, F9, 1 piece
Effective focus range: from 1 meter to infinity
Shutter speed: 1/120 second
Film loading and unloading: manual loading and manual rewinding
Compatible film format: 135 film, sensitivity ISO 200/400/500
Film format: half frame (half frame) 18w x 24h (mm)
Flash: Built-in manual flash
Charging time: about 15 seconds
Battery: AAA x 1 (alkaline battery)
Camera cord: attached to the body
Weight: 122 g
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